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At Lexington Wheel House we know how to turn your ride into a new show piece. Our expertise in wheel refinishing, powder coating, painting, & refurbishing will definitely impress your friends in Columbia SC. 

Let's Step Up Your Ride a Notch

At Lexington Wheel House our team of wheel refinishers have a proprietary process to make your car, truck or motorcycle stand out from the crowd. No matter if you've got factory OEM wheels and you just want them to have some pop without a lot of expense, or if you've got aftermarket wheels and it's time for a change. We have the expertise to impress the on-lookers. We can powder coat - paint just about anything (not to be overly cocky), but our primary business is customarily wheels, engine parts, car parts, and break calipers.

How IT Works

Don't worry, we know what we are doing


Clean & Prep 

We wash the wheels with soap, and chemicals to remove all dirt and contaminants.

Sanding Prep

Then each wheel is sanded and/or blasted to ensure the surface is ready to receive the primer and paint. 


Then we use our proprietary system of masking/taping. 

2nd Cleaning & Prep

We clean the wheel one last time before application all loose impediments using a contaminant remover.

Apply Adhesive Promoter

Specialized chemical that ensures the primer and paint adhere to their maximum specifications.

Apply Primer & Paint Base Coat

We spray primer & paint thoroughly onto the surfaces.

Apply Clear Coat

After base coat is fully applied, it is time to make sure they shine (should you want) and add additional layer of protection. Then we set aside to cure & dry, ready by the end of the day.


I was kind of skeptical at first he could pull off what he said he could in the time frame he said, but wow was a wrong. This guy is for real! Amazing job Jason, I couldn't be more impressed. 

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We are a trusted service vendor of one of America's most trusted national car dealerships. 

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We only do paint and clear coat. Chrome plating is highly involved, complex and toxic chemical process of changing metals and no one here in SC does it. 

No only scratches and curb rash damage ..

For as long as you own the car against chipping , peeling or fading.

Call or email us directly to make an appointment. We work by appointment. So on the day of the customers appointment we request they drop the vehicle off by 9am. Usually, we are done by 630pm the same day with most wheels, unless special multicolor complex wheel designs. 

wheel painting columbia sc

Most wheels done with basic (one) colors and minimal repairs less than 20 inches. Remove the wheels and reinstall.

Columbia SC wheel refinishing
Special Order

More complex three stage, multi-color paints, larger wheels, candies and pearl coats are available at additional cost.

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Lexington Wheel House

108 Woodcraft Drive
Lexington SC 29073 


Email: ajayandt@icloud.com
Phone: 1 803-518-4372

We Paint
  • Car Wheels
  • Truck Wheels
  • Motorcycle Wheels
  • Engine Parts
  • Break Calipers
  • Trailer Wheels

Professional vehicle wheel painting, minor repairs, refinishing, refurbishing in Columbia - Lexington SC.

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